Why We Exist

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At Lawdacity™, we want to help you to have better careers. We believe passionately in fairness and justice.

Caroline Newman established this business back in 2004 because she cares about Lawyers and users of legal services.

As a trainee and new Solicitor, Caroline found that there was a lack of support available. As a member of the council of the Law Society and involved at the highest level of policy and decision making, she saw that things could be improved. She has worked with hundreds of Barristers and has heard first hand about how things can be improved at the Bar.

The team at Lawdacity™ all subscribe to and support our Values and Points of Culture.

  • We want you and your team to be successful.
  • We want you to be able to offer consistently high services to your clients.
  • We believe that no one is going to help you – you have to help yourself. You have to find your own solutions and your own way through the mess created by successive governments, law societies and regulators.
  • We also believe in being authentic. After all, you may as well be yourself as everyone else is taken!
  • We are different. As our name suggests, we are bold and we are not afraid of taking risks.

For more information on how we work and run our business, see our services and resources and call +44 (0)203 494 4104 to discuss how Lawdacity™ can work with you.