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Are you a Coach, Consultant, Facilitator or Trainer? Would you like to work with people committed to developing their legal career?

We are proud of our focus on business performance improvement, primarily through the development of people.

Our consultants, facilitators, trainers and coaches work with clients in a variety of ways to formulate and implement competitive business strategies, release management and leadership potential and align organisation activities with corporate goals. Would you like to join us?

We are looking for specialists to deliver courses to Solicitors and Barristers on a variety of subjects from management and presentation skills to diversity and networking. For further information on our Legal Sector Development Team, insights into the specific issues facing the legal profession and to see opportunities available for you at Lawdacity™, see our information sheets below.

“I am passionate about coaching. Over the years I have had many coaches for the different areas of my business and my life. But this is about you! If you’re a coach, trainer and consultant then the chances are, like me, you have been exposed to the best business mentors and coaches. We have been so fortunate to be taught by the founders of the coaching profession, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, the teachers on “The Secret” and other remarkable mentors. There is now a new group of dynamic, innovative coaches who want to professionalise the business and ensure its ongoing development and improvement.

When I worked in law firms I knew nothing about these matters. Neither did most of my colleagues. Lawyers in big firms go to work in the morning and are usually in the office all day, drafting contracts, in client meetings, at court or managing the business. Many are not happy. Some of them feel like they are in a “sausage machine”. They feel unappreciated and undervalued. They need your insight, your objectivity, your passion and your gift. So whatever your particular niche we want to talk to you about the legal market.”

Caroline Newman LLM

To talk to us about joining our dynamic team of coaches, trainers, consultants and facilitators at Lawdacity™ call +44 (0)203 494 4104.

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