Business Consultancy

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Short and long-term consultancy to help you grow your legal business.

We help you deal with problems you thought were insoluble to find new solutions that work.

To be successful, your business needs to be flexible and able to reorganise quickly. We can help you to unlock the latent potential within your business. We can help you use your strength, inspiration and experience to help you thrive with change.

Have you considered the cost of not addressing the issue at hand? Where a problem has been misidentified money tends to get wasted and further issues are created by attempting to solve the wrong problem.

Challenges and issues tend not to be resolved by ignoring them. They are resolved by appropriate action at the right time. Therefore the earlier you involve us in your planning or problem solving the better.

Your consultancy with us might include:

  • How to motivate employees
  • Mission statements
  • Values of the organisation
  • Increasing diversity to survive in the modern marketplace
  • DISC Profiling
  • Your wealth dynamics profile and that of your Team
Unlocking the potential for people to profit

You’ll find our coaches and consultants are dedicated to your success. You’ll also find yourself working with professionals who understand your challenges.

If you are a senior Barrister who wants to apply for a QC Appointment and increase your chance of being successful first time – you’ll find a personal coach will give you that edge. If you want to attract and retain the best talent for your firm or get it right on diversity, Lawdacity™ can help.

You’ll find that we work in close collaboration with you and can work on a short or long-term consultancy basis. Importantly, we won’t try and tell you how to run your business! We will just help you unlock the potential within.

Call +44 (0)203 494 4104 to discuss how Lawdacity™ can help you improve your business and give you the success you deserve.