Career Transition

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Moving up the ladder

It’s so easy to get stuck. Work can be overwhelming to the point that you don’t have the time to stop and review where you’re going – or how you will get there.

Choosing to work with a coach will guide you through this process and accelerate your career so you have a clear route map and a high performance means of arriving at your chosen destination.

We offer specialist one-to-one coaching and a number of career development programmes that can help you move up the ladder. See our insightful Coaching Works report to find out how coaching can help you achieve your goals and below for a summary of our programmes.


  • Partnership Track™ A bespoke programme for Solicitors and Attorneys who want to become Partners in their law firms.
  • Bar2Bench™ A bespoke programme for Solicitors and Barristers who want to become judges.
  • Fast Track to Silk™ A bespoke programme for Barristers and Solicitor Advocates who want to become Queens Counsel.
  • Law Leader™ Our leadership development programme for Partners and senior managers.
  • Lawnch and Grow™ A comprehensive coaching and consulting programme for Business Owners, Lawyers who want to set up their own law firm or for Barristers who have Direct Access to clients.

“As more and more people begin to question the value of debt-fuelled, formalized, frequently-out-of-touch academic education, will personalized one-on-one coaching—often over phone or Skype video chat, and often far cheaper and more targeted than many college courses—become a new form of education for the 21st century?”, 2011

Call +44 (0)203 494 4104 to discuss how Lawdacity™ can help you accelerate your career or see our resources for more information.