QC Appointments

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Applying for a QC position will cost you over £6,500. Wouldn’t you like to maximise your chance of success?

With expert support and advice from Lawdacity™, you’ll find the journey to QC less stressful and much more direct than many Barristers find it.

With our Fast Track to Silk™ Programme, your dedicated coach will help you to structure your time and manage your activities alongside your workload in order for you to make a successful application.

You coach will be experienced in this very specialist area and will understand what is needed to help you to demonstrate the required seven competencies to a standard of excellence and provide the evidence to support your application. The programme covers:

  • Integrity
  • Understanding and using the law
  • Analysing case material to develop arguments and focus the issues
  • Persuading – communicating arguments
  • Responding to unfolding case
  • Working with the client
  • Working in the team

Call +44 (0)203 494 4104 to discuss how our team can help you or see our executive coaching services, events and programmes for more information.