What Our Clients Say

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“Last year I was unsuccessful in my application for QC. This year a friend in Chambers introduced me to Caroline. I received some very helpful coaching sessions and I was successful in my application this year. Quite simply I could not have done it without you!”

Successful 2011 QC


“Whilst working with Lawdacity Consulting Training and Coaching, I found them totally flexible, tailoring their approach to suit our special requirements. They provided a bespoke solution which aided our people immeasurably and enhanced our organisation.”

Client: Nadine Skinner, Harvey Ingram LLP.


“I always have many projects on the go and needed a good coach to help sort through them and prioritize. I was having a very hard time determining what my first steps should be. After working with Caroline and strategizing about my situation and what my business goals were, she was able to help me set my priorities and take immediate action. Her ability to cut through the fog was invaluable in helping me get clear on my marketing message.”

Daniel Browne, Former Investment Banker, Deutsche Bank, Energy Expert


“My declared business problem was to put an end to doing work ‘on spec’ for clients who in any other context would be classed as ‘timewasters’. Through working with Lawdacity Consulting Training and Coaching I discovered that underlying this was a lack of structure and clearly defined approach which would establish my credibility as a designer with ‘trusted advisor’ status from the very beginning. I felt that I could never quite find the right balance of confidence, gravitas and friendliness required to secure certain types of new client or that I was not always in the driving seat of the process. Sometimes I would be caught speeding, sometimes I ran out of petrol and indeed sometimes the car was snatched away from beneath me.

I opted for a large slice of Caroline’s expertise and coaching, face to face and by telephone. The net result of all this is that I now have a great way of avoiding ‘giving away’ ideas and expert knowledge for free and an army of tools with which to win the right kind of new client and keep any business dealing within reasonable limits. Caroline’s skill has articulated and clarified the role of client and designer for me in a way which I intellectually ‘knew’ but couldn’t orchestrate myself in a reliable manner.

If there is any aspect of your life or business where you know there is room for improvement and you’ve read all the books and had all the advice available and the situation remains the same, then invest in some business coaching with Caroline Newman and Lawdacity Consulting Training and Coaching.”

Client: LC, Top City Law Firm


“I am delighted to recommend Caroline Newman and her company Lawdacity Consulting Training and Coaching. Caroline is an outstanding personal and business coach.

I have had lots of experience promoting and working for others but since deciding to expand my own business I have found it difficult to be in control of the sales process for myself. I feel that Caroline’s contribution has given me a very firm foundation in the way I will approach potential clients from now on and some powerful tools to handle all of my client relationships more effectively and therefore more profitably.”

Client: BH, US Law Firm


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